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정렬 기준: 없음 코인 약어

【CHTX】Chatex 지갑 다운로드 및 정보

  • 영어 이름Chatex
  • 약어CHTX

통화 소개

Chatex is a simple, secure and accessible cryptobank. Chatex is one of the largest chat app-based p2p exchanges for Telegram. It's an all-in-one solution to store, send, pay with, and exchange crypto. At the moment Chatex is expanding to aggregate CeFi and DeFi to the masses. By releasing the CHTX Token, the team plans to introduce Chatex Savings and Chatex Borrow turning the project into a full-scale Cryptobank. Their tokenomics and CeFi technologies will make profiting from DeFi as easy as a pizza order. CHTX is a crucial part of the Chatex Eco that makes each touchpoint with the Chatex Crypto Bank more profitable. Long story short, the CHTX token will help to make CeFI and DeFi the most simple, secure and accessible it ever has been.

통화 매개 변수

  • 출시 날짜가:
  • 총 발행량: -+
  • 저장량: +
  • 총 시가: $ 0
  • 알고리즘을 이용:
  • 블록 속도: s/block
  • 블록 크기:
  • 난이도 조정:
  • 증명 방식이다:


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