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How to create your account(video)

Still haven’t signed up? Our sign-up process is super easy (Video)

On website:

1.Make sure you are accessing website
2 Click Signup on top right corner on the homepage to access Signup and Login page (
3.Fill the signup form on the right side of the page to create your account.

Please note, fund password must be different from your login password
4.Check your email inbox for verification email from and activate your account.

On Mobile APP
1.Download mobile app to your phone. (Help>Download>Mobile App)
2.Tap on app icon to activate the app and tab on Enter Now to access the app.
3.Tap on 亖 on the top left corner of screen to access to User Info. Tap on the dark top section to access to log in screen.
4.Tap on New Account Signup to create a new account with email or phone number.
Note:If create your account with your phone number , bind your email later on Security Center.
If referred to by other user, enter his/her account id on the Invited by field. You can enjoy a trading fee discount. (Check Affiliate Program for details) --