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Gate.io > Help Center > OTC Trade > Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency
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Gate.io Buying Crypto using Fiat Currency Guide
Updated at:85 days 9 hours ago

Gate.io has now opened credit card instant currency purchase services in many countries and regions around the world to help users who cannot use fiat currency to buy digital currency. Users can use Visa credit cards to purchase digital currencies using U.S. dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British pounds (GBP).

⼀、Operation steps:

1.Log in to your Gate.io account.In the Menu Bar at the top of the page,click''Buy Crypto"and select "Credit Card" . img

2.Enter the amount in the “Buy with Fiat Currency" and select the crypto that you wanted to buy under the"Currency Purchased"field. Then choose from the"Service Provider" below and click the"Place Order" button to enter the Gate. io user-exclusive settlement page.


3.On the exclusive checkout page for Gate. io users, select the "Buy Crypto" or the "Create Order" button to complete the payment.


4.Complete the details to pass the Identity Verification for you to receive your order.

To ensure a quick and secure way of receiving the order, users need to conduct Identity Verification with a third-party service provider (KYC).Once successfully verified, the service provider will immediately transfer and exchange the cryptocurrencies in your Gate.io account.


⼆、Related tips:

1、Is there a minimum/maximum limit for a Quick Buy Crypto?

Yes, the limit for a single buy will be shown in the Amount Input Column.

2、What are the supported fiat currencies?

AUD(澳元),CAD(加元),CZK (捷克克朗),DKK( 丹麦克朗),EUR(欧元),GBP(英镑),HKD(港元),NOK(挪威克朗),PLN(兹罗提),RUB(俄罗斯卢布),SEK(瑞典克朗),TRY(⼟⽿其里拉),USD(美元)IDR(印度卢⽐),JPY(⽇元),UAH(乌克兰格⾥夫纳),NGN(尼⽇利亚奈拉),KES(肯尼亚先令),ZAR(南非兰特),GHS(加纳塞地),TZS(坦桑尼亚先令),UGX(乌⼲达先令),BRL(巴西雷亚尔) .

3、Will there be a trading fee for buying crypto through the quick buy channel?

Most service providers will charge a trading fee, please check the official website of each service provider for the actual costs.

4、If you have not received the crypto that you bought, what could be the reason for it?

According to our third-party suppliers, the main reasons for the delay in buying crypto are the following:

(a)The users haven't submitted complete KYC (Identity Verification) documents during the registration process.

(b)Quick to buy crypto payment was unsuccessful.

If you have not received your crypto in your Gate.io account within 2 hours or if there is a delay and users have not received the crypto after 24 hours, please check with the third-party supplier

immediately and proceed with the instructions sent to you by the service provider.

5、Are there any countries that prohibit the use of this service?

Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Liberia, Mainland China, Libya, Panama, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Ukraine Crimea, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

6、Can I choose to exchange fiat currency that is not my country’s currency?

It depends on whether the third-party service provider accepts your KYC, please check with your chosen service provider for more details.

7、How to contact Banxa customer service?

The easiest way to contact Banxa customer service is through their online chat function. You can find the chat button on the settlement page for Quick Buy Crypto.

8、How to contact Mecuryo customer service?

The best way to contact Mercuryo customer service:

1.Send an email tosupport@mercuryo.io

2.Live Chat (the icon in the lower right corner of Mercuryo website)


The relevant service provider is a third-party independent trading platform for fiat currency and cryptocurrency.For any questions about your transaction, please contact the customer service of the relevant service provider.

Gate.io is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by using this service, but will do its best to protect the safety of your funds.

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