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Home Blog The 1st Cryptocurrency Investments ‘Grayscale’: What is GBTC?


13 July

The 1st Cryptocurrency Investments ‘Grayscale’: What is GBTC?

Grayscale Investments, LCC

Grayscale is the 1st Cryptocurrency Investments established in 2013. The company has launched a variety of cryptocurrency trust products. Grayscale is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG). DCG is a cryptocurrency venture capital. The company is the 1st incubator for blockchain startups. Behind DCG are Mastercard, Western Union, International Commercial Bank of Canada, New York Life Insurance Company, Pan Am Ventures, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, Foxconn and Prudential. DCG includes CoinDesk, Genesis Trading and Grayscale.

GBTC Intro

GBTC stands for ‘Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’. GBTC is a trust product that allows investors to invest indirectly in Bitcoin. A trust is when the owner of an asset entrusts the management of the asset to someone they can trust. GBTC is a stock issued by a trust company, not a cryptocurrency. Investors who purchase trust products from Grayscale will receive a GBTC Trust Deed.

GBTC Management

Most people think that GBTC is only managed in grayscale. However, the operation of GBTC is divided into 3 parts according to US regulations, because if one company operates arbitrarily, tyranny can occur.
·GBTC Management: Grayscale
·GBTC Trust: Delaware Trust
·Cryptocurrency Custody: Coinbase Custody

GBTC Unlock

Investors who purchase GBTC will be locked up for 6 months. Therefore, after 6 months, by unlocking, investors can sell GBTC to others. However, in accordance with the regulations of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and FINRA (National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.), trading is possible only on Over-The-Counter (OTC) platforms.

Editor YB(Gate.io Korea, Marketing Agent)'s Comments

Recently, there are many financial products for indirect cryptocurrency investment. I think they are good products for investors who are burdened with direct cryptocurrency investment. 'Direct Investment vs. Indirect Investment', what choice could you make?

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