Has Distributed GSE Prizes Announcement

The GSE deposit prizes have been distributed. (1)The amount of USDT net deposit:1,398 participants have been rewarded with a total of 2,073,695.1642654 GSE. (2)The amount of BTC net deposit:4,245 participants have been rewarded with a total of 995,054.277054 GSE. (3)The amount of...
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The GSE trading prizes have been distributed. You can check the prizes in account at Please check the details at 2.7 million GSENetwork(GSE) give away on Thanks for GSENetwork team support! GSENetwork official website:
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2.7 million GSENetwork(GSE) giveaway on

We are going to give away 2.7 million GSE in the following activities: 1、 GSE Airdrop Round Follow our twitter @gate_io and retweet GSE Trading Competition post to get the random amount of 200 thousand GSE Airdrop during the period from 23 June to 25 June 2018. Please follow our twitter@gat...
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15 million GSE airdrop give away on

The GSENetwork(GSE) will be listed on June 20 2018 6:00 UTC. So and GSENetwork will hold an activity about depositing GSE to win 15 million GSE(Base on the principle of time priority, excluding inner exchange transactions) The activity time: 12:00 UTC,June 19-12:00 UTC,June 24, 2018. Th...
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GSENetwork(GSE) will be listed on

GSENetwork aims to build a transparent and secure network designed for decentralized economies. Leveraging on IoT technology, blockchain-powered incentivization, a two-asset price stability mechanism and robust smart contracts, GSENetwork aims to be a deeply scalable token ecosystem that encourages...
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