The crypto leveraged ETF markets are traded 24/7, typically with great fluctuations. Some leveraged ETFs are currently traded on with too small share value, which negatively impact the price precision and trading simplicity. To improve users’ experience in trading ETFs,
编辑:      类别: Announcement      阅读: 43349      更新时间: 44 days 19 hours ago Has Added NEO, ONT, CVC and ETC Leveraged ETFs has added the following ETFs: NEO3L and NEO3S, ETC3L and ETC3S, CVC3L and CVC3S, ONT3Land ONT3S. 3L is a long position while 3S is a short position, which tracks the price change range of the underlying asset and changes with amplified range percentage. With the updated re-balancing...
编辑:      类别: Announcement      阅读: 27189      更新时间: 185 days 2 hours ago Has Launched CVC Perpetual Contract has added CVC/USDT perpetual contract trading (USDT margin), supporting up to 20X leverage. Trade CVC perpetual contract at: You can also practice your skills at your demo account, risk free via:
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