Coin Price 24h % Has Added NEAR Leveraged ETF

2020-10-14 18:07:23Read:18777 has added the following NEAR ETFs, NEAR3L and NEAR3S. NEAR3L is a long while NEAR3S is a short position, which tracks the price change range of NEAR and changes about 3 times that of NEAR spot market.

Trade NEAR3L at

Trade NEAR3S at

Risk Warning:

The initial token offering price of NEAR is about $0.29-$0.40USD. The project was just launched; there are an inadequate amount of circulating tokens. As multiple exchanges are listing the project at the same time, the NEAR price might be subject to “pumping”. Please be aware of the risks involved and make investment decisions with caution.

Digital currency prices are susceptible to high volatility, which is even more tangible for 3X leveraged ETF products. Therefore there is a risk to suffer amplified loss. Please fully understand the product and risks involved before trading. Furthermore, the change of an ETF product is not always about 3 times the change of the underlying asset over a certain time span as the result of scheduled or irregular re-balancing. An ETF product is hedged in a perpetual contract market, the profit will expand the position and the loss will decrease the position. The product re balances every day to back to 3 times leverage, which will incur greater friction at a swinging market. Due to the rebalancing mechanism and the holding cost, the ETF is not suitable for long term holding. It has greater fluctuation and higher risk. Please be cautious. For more details, please read instructions aboutof Leveraged ETFs at our Help Center.

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October 14th, 2020

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