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Notice of Delisting DADI and TNC2 Swap

2020-08-03 13:04:50Read:53477

According to the announcement from DADI (EDGE) team, the swap of DADI (EDGE) for TNC2(TNC Group Token)is underway.

In this swap, every 1 DADI (EDGE) will get 11 TNC2. But the swapped TNC2 tokens are subject to a vesting period and release ratio.

As the swap can only be done in the wallet specified by DADI (EDGE) team, users have to withdraw their DADI(EDGE) before November 1, 2020 and swap themselves.
Please note the swap is scheduled by EDGE team to end in March, 2021, and don't miss the deadline.

After November 1, 2020, will delist DADI.
Whether listing TNC2 or not will be decided after an assessment of the project later.

View more about swap :
View more about swap announcement Team
August 3, 2020

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