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Gate Union- Be a YouTuber

2021-04-16 15:37:44Read:9462681

Are you a user? A blockchain enthusiast? A Bitcoin believer? Join us and be a YouTuber,show people how you navigate your own way around the cryptosphere on has been steadily moving forward while adhering to the principles of security, transparency and honor, aiming to provide a safe trading platform with high-quality trading services and the best possible user experience over the past 8 years.

As a user, how are you enjoying your experience? Make videos about us, share your perspective and opinion.You do not have to be a KOL, you do not need community resources, technical expertise nor deep-dive insights into the projects. The video can be the guide to learn about from the ground, trading methods, or practical steps, etc. It can be fun, neutral, or your own style.

1. Qualifications original video
-Video length more than 3 minutes
-Caption the video summary with your referral link

2. Benefits
-Any eligible video will be rewarded with tokens minimum 10USDT, up to 1,000 USDT based on your video view count. Total prize pool tokens equivalent 10,000 USDT. First come, first served.
-up to 40% commission of all trading fees from your invitees. Details:

Duration: April 16, 2021 20:00 - May 16th, 2021 20:00

Complete the form and become a YouTuber now!

3. Notes
·Participants must agree and comply with terms. The use of duplicate accounts and any other unethical behavior is strictly prohibited;
·Any content or actions that could bring disrepute to the brand is strictly prohibited;
·Original videos only. Any fraud and plagiarism is strictly prohibited;
·Violation of above three points will result in rewards being cancelled immediately .
· reserves all rights to the final explanation. Team
April 16, 2021
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