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AMA Announcement of VIAOT (VIA)

2021-04-16 14:24:51Read:12653

For our users to become even better accustomed to new projects we have listed or IEOs we have hosted, we are hosting AMAs on a regular basis.

We hope you are ready for a new AMA at! Marie Tatibouet, our CMO will be chatting to the COO, the Co-founder as well as the marketing manager of VIAOT. One of the two big ideas behind VAIOT is to provide AI-based legal services for businesses and consumers.

VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions Tune in to find out more!

16/04/2021, at 15:00 UTC


Introduction to VIAOT

VAIOT combines Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to develop a portfolio of business-oriented Intelligent Virtual Assistants serving both consumers and business as a new, digital channel for selling and delivering products and services as well as making transactions. VAIOT is a personal assistant available on mobile devices via a simple natural user interface (e.g., voice conversation) providing:
- AI-based legal services such as intelligently creating custom contracts (both printable, traditional written contracts, and digital versions, securely stored on the Blockchain).
- An intelligent, digital channel for B2C and C2C transactions between the users with incentive programs utilizing VAIOT’s Blockchain and VAI Tokens.
- A novel, intelligent service distribution channel for businesses that empowers them to adapt to modern customers and business environment by providing new ways of accessing services.

Official website:
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April 16, 2021

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