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Back To Cryptopedia: SharkFin The Ideal Choice for Prudent Investors

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The SharkFin Concept

SharkFin is a capital-protected and low-risk financial product. The name of “SharkFin” is due to the yield curve structure resembling the shape of a shark’s fin out of the water. The principle of SharkFin is that the price of the underlying asset does not exceed the price range during the observation period, and investors can get a higher yield whilst being protected if the value rises or falls below the price range.

SharkFin is a simple investment product that offers an annualized return irrespective if market behaviour matches the forecast or not. Investors still have the opportunity to earn higher returns with a protected minimum return. Essentially, making it a low risk investment and an ideal choice for prudent investors.

SharkFin Profit Model

1. “One-Way” SharkFin Yield
There are two yield options for “one-way” sharkFin, as shown in the figure below:
First: during the observation period, the target asset price does not exceed the price range set by the platform and the investor can obtain a higher annualized return;
Second: during the observation period, the target asset price has exceeded the price range, and investors can get a protected return.

The “one-way” sharkFin model is suitable for investors who often predict market volatility to be low. At the same time, it’s a good choice for beginner and experienced users due to capital and interest protection and the low risk.

The best strategy for “one-way” sharkFin products is to invest when market prices are relatively stable, as it is more likely to obtain high returns.

2. Yield of “Two-Way” SharkFin Financial Products

“Two-way” sharkFin structured financial products have both a bearish price range and a bullish price range. As shown in the figure below, B1 and B2 are the ceiling and floor of the two price ranges respectively. During the observation period, if the target asset price is lower than B1 or exceeds B2, the product’s yield at maturity is the protected return; if the target asset price never rises and falls beyond the B1-K1 and K2-B2 ranges respectively, users will receive a return greater than protected return.

Once the price of the target asset meets expectations and remains in the profitable range, the holder of the two-way sharkFin products will receive a return that is similar to a straddle option (referring to buying a call option with different strike prices and unified expiry Contract and a put option contract).

“Two-way” sharkFin structured product is suitable for situations where the price trend of the target asset is not obvious, or has entered a volatile market (but with limited volatility). Compared with the one-way sharkFin structured product, the two-way sharkFin structured product is more suitable for experienced investors who are more familiar with the market trends. Capital and Interest-Protected “One-Way” SharkFin Structured Product’s “Weekly Shark Fin” product is now live, the structure is transparent and easy to understand “one-way” SharkFin structure, annualized 3%-15%, beyond the price range will get 3% annualized return, within the price range can get the maximum 15% return. The lock-up period is 6 days, with zero risk and protected interest, so novice financial managers and investors who prefer low risk can participate and easily earn income.

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January 23, 2021

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