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AST trading will be enabled at 06:30 AM GMT, August 17th, 2020 on; SXP trading will be enabled at 07:00 AM GMT, August 17th, 2020 on; BAL trading will be enabled at 07:30 AM GMT, August 17th, 2020; BAND trading will be enabled at 08:00 AM GMT, August 17th, 2020; SWAP trading will be enabled at 08:30 AM GMT, August 17th, 2020.

Deposit & Trade address

Deposit AST at:
Trade AST at:

Deposit SXP at:
Trade SXP at:

Deposit BAL at:
Trade BAL at:

Deposit BAND at:
Trade BAND at:

Deposit SWAP at:
Trade SWAP at:

Introduction to AirSwap(AST)

1. Project Introduction
AirSwap enables peer-to-peer trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Built on a decentralized protocol, traders can add or remove liquidity through a suite of trustless products that are easy to use and free.
Official website:
Link to Whitepaper:

2. Token Information
The AirSwap Token is an ERC20 token that is used by liquidity providers to access the network. If connect by API or by Delegates, users that add liquidity to the network must stake AST.

(1) Token Symbol: AST

(2) Total Supply: 500,000,000

Introduction to Swipe (SXP)

1. Project Introduction
Swipe is a crypto-fiat gateway that provides the possibility for cryptocurrencies to be spent as fiat currencies in real time. Swipe features its Visa debit card that supports Visa payments and its platform token, SXP, that can be used for paying for transaction fees, as a medium of exchange, and to receive discounts on the fees.
Official website:
Link to Whitepaper:

2. Token Information
The Swipe (SXP) Token is the native cryptocurrency that powers the Swipe eco of products and governs the decentralized protocols. Swipe Token will be upgraded to a new v2 token contract to remove centralized control and enable all of the DeFi apps to be launched on the Swipe Network.

(1) Token Symbol: SXP

(2) Total Supply: 300,000,000

(3) Current Circ. Supply: 65,982,752

(4) Token Allocation:
Private sale: 13.48%
Public sale: 6.52%
Team: 20%
Reserve: 40%
Founder: 20%

(5) Token Release Schedule
Tokens reserved for the private sale, public sale, team, reserve and the founder were unlocked starting July 2019, vested per month until August 2028 after that.

(6) Inflation Rules:
SXP will be destroyed and burned on-chain as protocol usage occurs until there are 100m units left.

Introduction to Balancer (BAL)

1. Project Introduction
Balancer is an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.
Official website:
Link to Whitepaper:

2. Token Information
The Balancer Protocol Governance Token (BAL) is a vehicle to drive alignment and participation in the Balancer protocol.

(1)Token Symbol:BAL

(2)Total Supply:100,000,000

(3)Current Circ. Supply: 6,943,831

(4)Token Allocation
Founders, stock options, advisors and investors: 25%
The Balancer Eco Fund: 5%
The Fundraising Fund: 5%
Liquidity providers:65%

(5)Token Release Schedule
Founders, stock options, advisors and investors (25%): All subject to vesting periods
The Balancer Eco Fund (5%): BAL holders will ultimately decide how this fund is used over the coming years.
The Fundraising Fund (5%): This fund will be used for future fundraising rounds to support Balancer Labs' operations and growth. BAL tokens will never be sold to retail investors.
Liquidity providers (65%): Every week 145,000 BALs, or approximately 7.5M per year, are distributed to liquidity providers. This means in the first year of BAL’s existence there would be 30% supply inflation off the initially allocated supply of 25M tokens (here we are not considering the two funds since they are not allocated to anyone yet).

(6)Token Price
Seed round: $0.60 USD

Introduction to Band Protocol (BAND)

1. Project Introduction
BandChain achieves the aforementioned goals with a blockchain specifically built for off-chain data curation. The blockchain supports generic data requests and on-chain aggregations with WebAssembly-powered oracle s. Oracle results on BandChain blockchain can be sent across to other blockchains via the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) or through customized one-way bridges with minimal latency.
Official website:
Link to Whitepaper:

2. Token Information
BandChain currently utilizes its native BAND token as the sole token on its network. The chain then uses the promise of receiving reward tokens as an incentive for validators to produce new blocks and submit responses to data requests.

(1) Token Symbol: BAND

(2) Total Supply: 100,000,000

(3) Current Circ. Supply: 20,494,033

(4) Token Allocation:
Seed sale: 10%
Private sale: 5%
Launchpad sale: 12.37%
Eco development: 25.63%
Team: 20%
Advisors: 5%
Foundation: 22%

(5) Token Release Schedule
Tokens reserved for the seed sale, private sale, Launchpad sale, eco development, team, advisors and foundation were unlocked starting from September 2020, vested per month until August 2024 after that.

(6) Inflation Rules:
BandChain applies an inflationary model on the BAND token to incentivize network participation by the token holders. The specific inflation parameters are taken from Cosmos network; namely, the annual inflation rate ranges from 7% to 20%, and is adjusted to target to have 66% of the total supply of BAND token staked.

Introduction to TrustSwap(SWAP)

1. Project Introduction
Trustswap is an easy way for you and anyone in the world to make safe cryptocurrency transactions together. No need for a middleman.
Official website:
Link to Whitepaper:

2. Token Information
The SWAP eco was created to make it a practical deflationary currency that puts longevity and stability first in importance. This token has staking capabilities and focuses heavily on community governance.

(1) Token Symbol: SWAP

(2) Total Supply: 100,000,000

(3) Current Circ. Supply: 68,751,250

(4) Token allocation
Initial liquidity offering: 60%
Team supply: 20%
Marketing & Development & Legal & Bounties & Airdrops: 20%

(5) Price
Initial Offering Price Point: $0.005/SWAP

(6) Inflation Rules:
N/A;10% of every transaction fee paid in SWAP will be permanently burned. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Aug. 17, 2020

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