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How to Whitelist Email Address or a Domain?

2020-07-21 17:32:30Read:48330

How to Whitelist Email Address or a Domain at Gmail?

1. Step 1. Click Settings icon and choose “See all settings” tab to view the whole settings page.

2. Click “Filters and Blocked Address” tab. Then click “Create a new filter ” .

3. A box will display. Enter the domain or the email address you want to whitelist.

Click “Create filter” button.

4. Check the box “Never send it to spam” and click “Create Filter”button.

A success message will be display at the left corner of the page saying that “your filter was created.”And you will see the domain and email address was added.

How to White list at Outlook

Step 1: At the top right-hand corner, click Settings icon.And access to “View all Outlook Settings” page.

Step2. Click Mail → Junk email.

Locate “Safe senders and domains” and click" Add" button.

Fill in the input box with “” or “” and press “Enter” key.

A save button will pup up at the bottom.

Click Save button and you setting will be saved.

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