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The interface of's perpetual contract web page has been updated! The aim of the page layout's adjustment was to make it easier for users to access and commence perpetual contract trading. Additionally, it should be more helpful for professional analysis with the more prominent K-line interface.

The updates include:

1. The order area has been moved to the right side of the page, making it more convenient to place an order.

2. More significant interface of K-line display, which is more helpful for professional analysis.

3. Order Book and Trade History areas have been placed closer together, making it easier for users to look at the orders. If users want to look at more orders, they can click on the button next to Order Book to find out more. will keep improving the perpetual contract trading web page in the future to provide users with better service. We will continue working to solve the visibility issue of the order area being covered by the chat room interface. As well as increasing the number of orders displayed in 'Order Book' area. If users have any suggestions regarding our web page update, please contact our customer service department by submitting a ticket.

Trade here:
BTC/USDT Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area:

BTC/USD Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area: Perpetual Contract’s Perpetual Contracts are one of the most active crypto-asset contract trading markets in the world. At its peak, we hit a total trading volume of $800 million on the Perpetual Contracts platform, with an insurance fund of over 1,000 BTC to compensate users when traders’ balance drops beneath zero.’s Perpetual Contracts provide 100X leverage for BTC, and 20-100X leverage for other major cryptocurrencies such as ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, BSV in order for users to go either long or short. The close position is calculated based on the price index from multiple platforms, which helps the trading feature run continuously and reduce investors’ risks. However, contract trading involves higher risks with high leverage, hence, users should understand the trading rules and be aware of the market risk, and make investments cautiously.

Currently, the interests of Perpetual Contract Trading are settled in BTC and USDT. Users need to deposit BTC to engage in BTC settled contract trading or USDT in the USDT settled contract trading. The USDT settled Perpetual Contracts can help eliminate market volatilities, which is more suitable for new traders. The BTC and USDT settled Perpetual Contracts Trading, and their simulation trading areas are already available on

How to trade contracts (e.g. BTC):

BTC/USD Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area:

For web users:
For Mobile app users: please go to “Contracts” – BTC settled contracts

BTC/USDT Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area:

For web users:
For Mobile app users: please go to “Contracts” – USDT settled contracts

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Perpetual Contract Trading Fees: is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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June 17, 2020

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