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Predict Halving Price with to Win Red Packets

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The upcoming Bitcoin halving is in less than 3 days! To share this exciting moment with our users, is launching the“Predict Halving Price & Win”event. Users will get the opportunity to win prizes during the Halving event! Join us and predict The Bitcoin Halving price (one hour in) on social media and in several Livestreams to win GT & Red Packets of several major currencies.

For more information about The Bitcoin Halving, we have created a historical Bitcoin halving schedule as well as graphs that show a variety of key indicators surrounding the event.

Please visit the Halving countdown page at

Promotion One: Predict Halving Price to Win GT

Starting from now until UTC 15:00 May 11, 2020 (Date has been updated on May 10), if the BTC halving is ahead of time, the final deadline will be 1 hour prior to the halving (the original deadline is UTC 22:00 May 11, 2020) . Users can predict the price of the Bitcoin halving on twitter and mention @gate_io’s official account. Predicted prices will be compared with the first on-the-hour opening price of Bitcoin on after The Halving has taken place. The top 100 users with predicted prices closest to the actual price, will share 2,000 GT.

There are no limits as to the number of tweets you can post but they have to include the predicted Bitcoin price, @gate_io and hashtag #GateioPredictHalvingPrice
e.g. @user A: @gate_io is holding a #GateioPredictHalvingPrice event. I have a bold guess that the first on-the-hour opening price after Bitcoin halving will be USD9,999. What do you think?

After the deadline
Top 10 users with predicted prices closest to the real price, each can win 50GT;
Top 11-50 users with predicted prices closest to the real price, each can win 25GT;
Top 51-100 users with predicted prices closest to the real price, each can win 10GT;
GT will be transferred to winners’accounts after the event in 5 working days.

Please note that,
1. If users’predicted prices are the same, they will be ranked according to the time they tweet (if user A and user B predict the same price and this price is ranked the tenth closest, but user B tweeted it earlier than user A, then user B would be the 10th winner).
2. The real price is the first on-the-hour opening price of Bitcoin on after The Halving (for example, if Bitcoin halving happens at 8:05 May 12, 2020, then the real price will be the opening price of Bitcoin at 9:00 on

Promotion Two:
Spend the Afternoon before Halving in Livestream with Marie to Win Prizes

At 10:00 AM GMT May 11, 2020, CMO Marie will chat with everyone in the Livestream about Bitcoin halving. Users can win prizes by predicting The Bitcoin halving price, the increase or decrease of the price, and there will even be games and Red Packets distributed during the Livestream!

Livestream Time
GMT 10AM May 11, 2020
How to enter Live:
Visit via Web:
Mobile App:

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May 8, 2020

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