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Upcoming Live Streaming Sessions on Live: Interviews with MXC, CNNS, MDT Hashgard, Lambda and IOTX

2019-10-23 09:02:50Read:55080 has announced the launch of its live streaming feature, Live, enabling users to have
real-time interaction with the exchange. Live will provide users with direct access to give
feedback and receive an immediate response. Live supports Web, Android and iOS. With Live, users can shoot bullet screen
comments and send real-time cryptocurrency red packets. It also supports split-screen so that userscan trade while watching.

Live streaming sessions lined up for October:

Let's Chat with MXC hosted by Tina, UTC 11:30, October 23
Let's Chat with CNNS hosted by Jiuer, UTC 11:30, October 24
Let's Chat with MDT hosted by Jiuer, UTC 11:30, October 25
Let's Chat with Hashgard hosted by Jiuer, UTC 11:30, October 28
Let's Chat with Lambda hosted by Jiuer, UTC 11:30, October 30
Let's Chat with IOTX hosted by Jiuer, UTC 4:00, October 31

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Oct.23, 2019

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