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According to MediBloc, the MediBloc Mainnet is already live. Therefore, the Qtum based MED token (QRC20) and Ethereum based MEDX token will be swapped to Mainnet based on the following ratio:

1MED (QRC20) = 0.5 Mainnet MED
1MEDX (ERC20) = 0.5 Mainnet MED

For more details, please check

All the MED token held by users are Qtum based MED token (QRC20). will close the MED and MEDX deposit/withdrawal and trading services by October 16, 2019. The orders from makers will be taken down to upgrade the Medibloc Mainnet. Users’ MED and MEDX asset will be transferred based on the following ratio:

1 MED (QRC20) in user account will be transferred to 0.5 MED (Mainnet)
1 MEDX (ERC20) in user account will be transferred to 0.5 MED (Mainnet)

Please note that after the upgrade, there will be no MEDX Market. The MED Market will reopen after the upgrade. Going forward only Mainnet MED tokens can be traded on where 1 Mainnet MED equals 2 MED (QRC20). As a result, the market price will witness volatilities.

Please be informed that the market orders will be cleared and the historical transaction data will be preserved.

The MediBloc Mainnet swap is being supported by MediBloc Offical. If you wish to swap the token on your own, please withdrawal your MED or MEDX token before October 16, 2019. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Oct.10, 2019

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