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2019-08-09 10:02:27Read:139771

Due to the concern of the "additional emission" of KICK from the KickCoin team, we stopped providing the KICK deposit service and delisted KICK on Aug.6. A few hours after, the Kickcoin team initiated one of their smart contract methods to transferred all KICK tokens in two of's addresses to themselves in the following two transactions:

On Aug.5, another exchange met the same situation explained in this link

The Kickcoin team posted an article to let users to claim their KICK balance by sending emails to Check the details at

Our Security Team has examined other projects listed with Ethereum Smart Contract, and we have not found issues where the team exploit the super admin permission to transfer the funds away from the platform (i.e. the KICK situation). We will look closely to such permission as we list projects to avoid the same situation. Users who have found issues with projects' smart contract code please report to us. We will offer rewards for issue reporters based on our previous Bug Bounty Program.

If you have more than 5000 KICK in your balance, please send an email to with a title ‘Gate io Refund’ to claim your tokens back.
If you have less than 5000 KICK in your balance, you can withdraw from from

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Aug 9,2019

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