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Atlas Protocol(ATP) trading will be enabled on

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Atlas Protocol (ATP) is an application layer protocol of tokenized marketing and is incubated by Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA). The project aims to construct technical stack that will enable a new onchain interactive ads paradigm. With the target ranking of on-chain activities and token to enable value circulation, Atlas Protocol present a new interactive marketing media that based on blockchain transactions, defining marketing interactions among onchain audiences. By explore new form of on-chain interactive advertising, Atlas Protocol contribute to bring new increments to the blockchain world, eliminate information asymmetry and build the Blockchain Traffic Alliance.
Official Website:

The ATP trading will be enabled on UTC 4:00, Oct. 25, 2018

Basic Information:
(1)Total Supply:10,000,000,000 ATP
(2)Circulation in initial state: 4,000,000,000 ATP
(3)Distribution: Team 20%, Institutions 30%, Community 10%, Eco 30%, Nebulas Labs 10%
(4)Cost: 1 ATP = $0.01 USD
(5)Lock-up Condition:Team( lock-up 4 years/0% unlocked), Institution(lock-up 2 years/15% unlocked), Community(5% unlocked), Eco(10% unlocked), Nebulas Labs(10% unlocked)

Deposit ATP at

Trade ATP at

Deposit and withdraw of ATP are both enabled on now, users can deposit or withdraw ATP anytime.
Risk warning: Liquidity of the initial trading stage is poor and price is volatile, please be aware of the investment risk.

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Oct. 24, 2018
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