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2018-08-23 13:13:43Read:151487 is operated by Gate Technology Inc. We are dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, easy to use exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and information. support crypto to crypto tradings, spot and margin trading. Hundreds of crypto-currencies are supported now and the list keep increasing. You can find the most promising and innovative projects here. also boasts its fast withdrawal/deposit and low fee. If you prefer to a near instant withdrawal, is the place for you.

To get started, you may simply create your account with your email or phone number. provide a range of security features to increase your account security and protect your assets. A strong and unique password and fund password are the minimum. Enabling 2fa with your google authenticator and SMS based verification add you further protections. And there are other security settings to protect you from potential risks. Explorer on your account and find more.


Deposit cryptocurrency is quite simple. Access to the deposit page of the coin and you can see the deposit address and memo/tag(if any). Deposit transaction according to instruction and it will be credited after a required number of confirmations.

Trade supports spot and margin trading. For order type, you can use limit order and conditional orders. The trading interface is intuitive and easy to use. If use limit order, set your desired price and amount and hit Buy/Sell button and enter your fund password to confirm your order. If there are matching orders, your order will fill. Filled order will move to trade history and orders yet to fill will stay in Open Orders. Assets in open orders will display as Locked asset.

Conditional orders can help automate your trading activities and protect your profit and stop loss. When the conditions are met, a limit order will be placed automatically. We have price condition order and time condition orders to better satisfy your need.


Access to withdrawal page of a coin and fill the form to submit your withdrawal request. will send withdrawal transaction shortly. In general, withdrawal is sent within a few minutes. If your withdrawal is in verifying status, a manual review is required before sending. It may take half an hour.It is highly encouraged to get your account fully verified and enable 2fa as a further protection. You will enjoy a more smooth and faster withdrawal experience.

Wallet also provide wallet service for users. To avoid misplaced transaction, uses cross-asset address sharing technology. You may notice your deposit address for all the ERC-20 tokens, ETH and ETC are the same.Transaction can still be credited even if you send ETC to ETH address.

Like most exchanges, your deposit address is not the address your withdrawal is sent from. You can not send from directly if the returned token is returned to sending wallet address.

You may use a personal wallet " "instead. is an onchain wallet. Unlike a conventional onchain wallet, you do not have to record and save the private key phrases, and still can have full control of your assets. It provides you the best possible security and easy-to-use solution.

Using is quite simple. Log in with your account and you can finish wallet configuration and transfer within a few clicks.

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