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Hitchain(HIT) will be listed on

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Hitchain aims to implement a distributive 'Hit' protocal and eco to improve the 'Git' source code management platform by leveraging the power of IPFS and blockchain technologies. The goal of Hitchain is to build an autonomous community of the developers,by the developers and for the developers.
Official website:
White Paper:

The HIT trading will be enabled on August 03, 2018 4:00 UTC.

Basic information:
Total supply: 102.4 billion
Circulating supply: 30% (private sale: 26.5%; crowd sale: 3.5%)
It will not be locked up during the crowd sale. 25% of the private sale will be released after listed, and release 0.005% a day in the next 150 days.
Cost: Full price for crowd sale 1ETH:722000HIT, about 0.0007 USD; 20% off for private sale.

Deposit and withdraw of HIT are both enabled on now, users can deposit or withdraw HIT anytime. Please be sure you have sufficient Gas Limit (200,000) to ensure the successful transaction. Please pay attention that the tokens are currently locked, it may cost few network fee if compulsory transfer. Hence, please transfer after the official team unlocks the transfer function.
In order to avoid unusual price in the opening stage due to insufficient supply, we will check the circulation status before the opening. If the circulation is insufficient to satisfy the opening conditions, we will make an announcement in advance. Liquidity of the initial trading stage is poor and price is volatile, please be aware of the investment risk.

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August 03, 2018
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