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1.08 Million TokenClub(TCT) To Give Away On

2018-07-02 14:07:34Read:315057

We are going to give away 1.08 million TCT in the following activities:

1、 TCT Airdrop Round
Follow our twitter @gate_io and join our telegrams, retweet TCT Trading Competition post to get the random amount of 80 thousand TCT airdrop during the period from 02 July to 04 July 2018. Please follow our twitter@gate_io to know more details.

2、Trading TCT wins 1 million TCT
Activity time: 2018/07/02 6:00 UTC-- 2018/07/15 6:00 UTC
During the activity time, the top 100 traders will share 1 million TCT based on their TCT trading volume calculated by the formula: (buy amount + sell amount) x (time factor). Same account trades are excluded. (time factor) decays linearly from 1.5 to 1.0 during the competition. In order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be multiplied by(actual commission/VIP 10 commission)to eliminate the differences in commission.

The share ratio of TCT:
(1)The first prize:200,000 TCT
(2)The second prize:100,000 TCT
(3)The third prize:50,000 TCT
(4)The remaining 97 traders will share 650 thousand TCT based on their TCT trading volume.

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July 02, 2018
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